Structured Cabling-Fiber Optic Cabling

Yapısal Kablolama-Fiber Optik Kablolama

yapısal kablolama

Structural cabling for all information, communications, automation and telecommunications systems should have criteria such as open architecture, standardized media and layers, standard connectivity interfaces, commitment to national and international standards, and total system design and implementation.

The three most important factors of success in Structured Cabling ...


Proper Design and Design in Structured Cabling

The basic output philosophy of structural cabling systems is to provide an extensible structure from the outset. Growth and growth in companies today are generally unpredictable. It is costly to prepare a suitable wiring infrastructure by anticipating a growth that will take place after 5 years even if it is foreseen. For these reasons, the most important thing is to be able to prepare an infrastructure suitable for expanding.

Quality Workmanship in Structured Cabling

A second important issue as important as projecting is workmanship. The quality of work also means the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Because if you use the best brand cabling products and your workmanship is not good you will not be waiting for performance.

Testing, Labeling and documentation in Structured Cabling

In our cabling projects, all cables are tested and labeled with a numbering system. Cable routing and socket points are processed on the layout plans and the project file is delivered to the system users. Project documentation is indispensable for expansion needs or fault detection.

Emtekno Electronic Structured Cabling Solution

Emtekno Elektronik certifies your fiber optic and copper cabling infrastructure with its expert team and fully calibrated devices according to current standards. It provides corporate 24/7 support with over 20 years of fiber optic technologies experience and expert team for the perfect permeability of your network infrastructure and offers you an affordable price and wide network product stock. If you need, you can contact and
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