Counseling and Periodic Maintenance Services

Counseling and Periodic Maintenance Services


Periodical technical maintenance of your existing network infrastructure, pre-detection of possible problems. Appropriate solutions are suggested.


Emtekno Electronic, Counseling and Periodic Maintenance Services Solution

Emtekno Elektronik, Counseling and Periodic Maintenance Services with its expert team and fully calibrated devices according to current standards. It provides corporate 24/7 support with over 20 years of fiber optic technologies experience and expert team for the perfect permeability of your network infrastructure and offers you an affordable price and wide network product stock. If you need, you can contact [email protected] and


Central Kocaeli office Tel: +90 262 373 64 44, +90 262 323 36 67


Contact office - ÇORLU Tel: +90 850 473 72 39


Liaison office - İSTANBUL Tel: +90 850 473 77 17


You can reach the phone numbers.

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