Quality Policy

Establishment of a system which aims to provide quality control, to reach the level of the most advanced technology in production, production standards to achieve maximum quality, we accept the basic principle at every stage of the production process. Honest, informed and principled work, won with deserve, accurate work and team spirit have adopted anlaşıyını. Suitable for human health and the environment and continuous improvement aimed to produce high quality products. To provide the level of quality to meet the needs and expectations of our customers based on the concept, without compromising product quality policy with all staff are committed to being the industry leader in the field.


introduction of annual targets covering all the activities and processes,
To achieve these goals, the continuous measurement of performance, reviewing, and the measures to be taken,
continuous efforts to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
the development of our employees through training and working on improving our gratefulness
the relationship with the customers bulunarak, the identification and satisfaction of customer requests and are constantly developing new processes, technologies, products and services provide the customer with the research and development of products and productivity, increase customer satisfaction
• Employee health and safety conditions are required by law to be kept on the minimum limits,
partners, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties for the creation of the highest rates of
Respecting the environment and prevention of environmental pollution there any kind.